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Psychotherapy Services in Orland Park IL

Psychotherapy, reduced to its least common denominator, is self-awareness obtained through a therapeutic relationship. A strong patient-therapist rapport is essential to the counseling experience. As a group practice, we offer diversity in therapy styles, techniques and interventions and accommodate different personalities, as well as a wide range of psychological and behavioral needs.


Newsome & Associates, Ltd. provides a full range of psychological and counseling services for disorders listed in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for the Treatment of Mental Disorders). Our staff provides assessment and treatment to adults, adolescents and children in an individual, couples or family mode of treatment.
Therapy is an investment an individual makes in his or her emotional and psychological quality of life. Consistency in working through the sorrows, challenges and complexities of life is ultimately healing and freeing.
The treatment plan and therapy schedule are tailored to meet individual needs and therapy goals. Therapy is most productive when the established schedule is maintained and a commitment is made to do “the work” recommended by your therapist.


We offer counseling and assistance for a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to:


Child & Adolescent Therapy
The treatment of adolescents and children requires specialized training and experience to address the unique challenges of this population. Our our child and adolescent psychologists and therapists are skilled in addressing the challenges young people face. Although parents are a part of the therapy process, treatment of adolescents, in particular, requires confidentiality between therapist and adolescent. The therapist will clarify the nature and limits of confidentiality at the onset of therapy. When indicated, our therapists work with schools or other agencies as necessary.


Relationship Counseling
We provide therapeutic consultation for individuals and couples, including pre-marital counseling, marital therapy and guidance through separation or divorce. Both individual and couples sessions are scheduled on a case by case basis. Psychological or compatibility testing may be used to assist a couple in examining traits such as individual competence for intimacy, trust, power distribution, personality differences, areas of conflict and quality of communication. Partners will be asked to describe their experience of the relationship, citing positive traits of their partner, areas of conflict and behaviors they would like help changing in themselves, their partner and in the relationship.


Family Therapy
The family is the most fundamental unit of existence. Family is where loving, learning, growing and contentment do or do not take place. Our therapists work with parents and children, including adult children, their spouses and/or extended family members to develop a framework for resolving conflict and establishing boundaries that will enable healing and foster harmony among members.


Many contemporary families are comprised of members from multiple families. We recognize the complex nature of blended families and the potential for conflict. Our family therapists guide individual members, and the family as a unit, to recognize and respect differences and ease the process of building a cohesive family.


For a complete list of services or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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